Spring Yard Cleanup Checklist

by Administrator31. March 2017 12:28

Spring can be unpredictable but there’s always one thing that you can anticipate – spring cleaning, of course!

And while you probably have plans to replace your air filters or deep clean your carpets, what do you plan to do for your yard? After all, unlike traditional spring cleaning which happens – or doesn’t happen – in the privacy of your home, the amount of effort that you put into your yard cleanup is on display for the world to see. Do you really want to be the neighbor with winter debris still left on their lawn? We didn’t think so.

Now is the time to rid your lawn of what winter left behind and to prepare it for the heat of summer. Follow this checklist and rest easy knowing that your yard is in good shape.


Whether from excitement or the desire to simply get it done, your first impulse may be to start your yard cleanup right away. But before you reach for your lawn mower, your clippers, or any of your other gardening equipment, it’s imperative that you do a thorough walkthrough of your garden first. Now is the time to look for any animals or nests that may be hidden in the depressions, plant life, or manmade structures in your yard. While it’s best to leave wildlife where they are and simply work around them, if you absolutely need to relocate an animal or their nesting area, you should contact your local wildlife association first.

Once this taken care of, you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and begin your real work.


·         #1. Remove Yard Debris

·         #2. Mow the Lawn

·         #3. Overseed Bare Spots

·         #4. Pull Weeds

·         #5. Spread a Layer of Mulch

·         #6. Apply Pre-emergent Weed Killer 

Start with a complete sweep your yard and ensure all branches, sticks, and dead leaves are collected and disposed of. If these leaves are dried and not soggy or wet, they can even be saved to make carbon-rich compost later. After you’ve cleared your lawn of debris, mow it in its entirety, ensuring that it has an even and tidy appearance. Also make note of any thin or missing patches of grass as you go. You’ll want to introduce new grass seed into these areas as early in the season as possible. This will ensure that the seedlings have a chance to mature before the soil becomes too hot.

If weeds are a significant concern in your yard, make sure to spot treat them as necessary. Removing even minor weeds now will do a lot of good for both your plants and you over the long run.

As an important note on weed killers, keep in mind that these chemicals work best when they are able to fully penetrate the lawn. This means that there are things that you should avoid when it comes time to apply a weed killer. First, avoid applying weed killer before or after you cut your grass. Second, avoid applying it on days when it’s raining or expected to rain. And, of course, avoid walking through your lawn for up to 24 hours after the application. In short, it’s best to save this task for a separate day or, at the very least, until your other cleanup is complete.

Trees, Shrubs and Flowers

·         #7. Prune Dead and Damaged Branches

·         #8. Prune Annuals and Perrennials

#9. Mulch Trees and Flower Beds

When it comes to pruning, your primary concern should be to protect people and property from harm. This means that pruning your trees is essential – you simply cannot skip it. But aside from just removing the hazards in your yard, pruning is important to the health of your plants. When done in time, pruning can stop the spread of disease or infestation. Moreover, in the case of flowers, it can even help with their growth and appearance.

After you’ve cut back your trees, shrubs, and flower beds, the next step is to lay down mulch. Mulch will help your soil retain moisture, suppress weeds, and even contribute to the aesthetic of your yard.

With a rake, remove leftover mulch from the previous year. Then, apply a fresh layer of mulch to the base of trees, flower beds, and the remainder of your yard. It’s important to remove old mulch first before applying a new layer. Otherwise, you may suffocate your plants under too much.  Also keep in mind that organic mulch composes faster but releases more nutrients whereas dryer mulch, such as shredded bark or wood chips, lasts longer but releases less nutrients over time. Ultimately, your choice should depend on how soon you want to replace it, how much nutrients your plants need, and your aesthetic preferences.


·         #10. Clean and Repair Fences

·         #11. Clean and Repair Paths

·         #12. Clean and Repair Patios

Your yard consists of more than just plant life – you need to take care of your hardscapes, too! After winter, most structures only need a thoroughly cleaning with a mix of 2 gallons of water, 2 quarts bleach, and 1 cup liquid soap. If the past winter was particularly mild, even just a spot cleaning with a low pressure washer could suffice.

Unfortunately, if any of these structures sustained significant damage over the previous months, there is little that you can do aside from outright replacing the broken segments with new hardscape. In the case of fences, however, large shrubs make a suitable replacement. In fact, some people may prefer this due to shrubs being easier to maintain and providing a more natural aesthetic. Similarly, planting shrubs or flowers along the side of a path can draw eyes away from cracks and even add more shape to your yard.

Preparing for Next Time

·         #13. Prepare compost

·         #14. Perform equipment maintenance

By now you’ve put in a hard day’s work. While you could call it a day, there are a few additional steps that you can take to make your next landscaping project easier.

When it’s hot outside, compost can be made relatively quickly. In fact, it only takes one to three months to prepare compost during warm weather compared to several months in the cold. This means that there’s no better time to start collecting leaves, coffee grounds, shredded paper, and other materials to breakdown during the summer.

We'll Handle Your Yard Cleanup for You

If you truly want to avoid a hassle, however, you can turn to the landscaping professionals at Clean Cut Tree & Landscaping. While Mother Nature might not always accommodate your personal schedule – we will. Best of all, you can always expect friendly, expert advice and a high-quality landscaping service at an always reasonable price. Call us at (513) 769-8733 or e-mail us for your free tree service or landscaping quote.

Push Lawnmower Cutting Grass


Landscaping for Spring: What You Need to Know

by Administrator16. February 2017 09:46

Ah, spring is in the air. Leaves are growing and flowers are blossoming.

At Clean Cut Tree & Landscaping, we’re used to several inches of snow burying local lawns this time of year. Of course, as any homeowner in Anderson Township will tell you, that’s simply not the case this year. A quick glance out of the window is all you need to know that spring has arrived early in Cincinnati.

And while the spring-like weather means that green lawns are soon ahead, it also means you need to start tending to your yard sooner this year than usual. If this year’s lack of snow has left the imperfections of your yard on display for all of your neighbors to see, your best plan may just be to start your landscaping project now. With a few improvements, you can tend to the imperfections plaguing your yard and help it start looking its best.

Here are some considerations for your landscaping project.

Take Care of the Small Details First

In most matters of life, it’s important not to sweat the small stuff. When it comes to landscaping, tree care, or simply just creating curb appeal, however, no detail is too small – you need to sweat the small stuff. After winter, it’s likely that your yard has large piles of dead leaves, missing patches of grass, and possibly sunken areas of dirt that are hurting the image of your property. So, before you start planning the more glamorous aspects of your yard, you first need to take care of these details first.

Plan Your Hardscaping Projects

After you’ve raked leaves, planted grass seed, filled in holes, or handled other small but important details, your next focus should be on hardscaping. This includes your porch, sidewalk, driveway, parking area, patios, and arbor.

When it comes to hardscaping, you need to think both practical and fun. Do you need to create a stone walkway to the side of your home or tool shed? Do you need to touch up the path leading to your front door? Do you need to create a raised garden to improve the water drainage of your flowers? Likely, there are a few hardscape improvements you need to make simply to save yourself some stress when navigating your yard; however, now’s also a time to plan the hardscaping elements that you’ve been dreaming of. Have you been dreaming of a stone patio in the backyard? What about a stone fire pit or a raised pond?

No matter what type of hardscaping you decide to tackle, it’s important that you handle these projects before putting down any new plants. These projects often entail construction which can compact soil and damage plantings and so when it comes to hardscaping, it’s worth doing it right. After all, your goal is to have a yard that you can be proud of for years to come.

Add Shrubs to Your Yard

Like hardscape, shrubs add shape and direction to your yard. Dense plants, in particular, can be placed on one or both sides of paths to discourage wandering feet. Other, larger shrubs can also be used to create natural fences or to add more privacy to your property.

Add Flowers to Your Yard

Your yard is a canvas and, like any well-composed painting, you also need to give your viewers a focal point. Because flowers tend to be smaller than the other elements of your yard, they’re able to guide the eyes of your visitors to whatever it is you want them to focus on. For many of us, that means selecting flowers that accent our home; however, you could also consider flowers as a means of guiding visitors along a path or for creating sections in your yard.

And while the choice to use flowers is an important one in itself, don’t forget that you have additional considerations regarding the soil they grow in and whether or not they’ll live in a raised bed. If you’re considering the latter, it’s another hardscaping decision you will need to make ahead of starting any work with plants.

Add Trees to Your Yard

It should come as no surprise that we recommend planting a tree in your yard whenever and wherever appropriate. After all, we’ve talked extensively about the benefits of keeping your trees healthy all year. But trees are not just an excellent way to add curb appeal to your home. Here are a few more reasons to add planting a tree to your landscaping project:

·         Trees can improve your property value. In fact, trees can add up to approximately 10 to 20 percent more value to your property, according to the Arbor Day Foundation. And, of course, the sight of a healthy tree with vibrant greens, reds, oranges, golds, or even pink, can be just one more selling point to win over a potential buyer when it comes time to sell your house.

·         Trees can improve your energy efficiency. A strategically placed tree can help keep your home cool in the summer and protected from the wind during the colder months.

·         Trees can provide you with privacy. Like large shrubs, a well-placed tree can also help you create more privacy on your property as well as reduce the amount of noise you receive from passing vehicles and other disturbances.

Planting a tree on your property is a good decision not only for the direct benefits listed here but also to generate a better return on your landscaping project.

Add the Finishing Touches

Landscaping is just as much about incorporating parts of your personality as it is making practical improvements to your yard. If you live in Anderson Township, you likely drive by a handful of yards that do just this.

You know the types of yards we’re talking about: Ones with antique centerpieces that double as a flower bed. Ones with benches, tables, and chairs placed along a winding walkway. Or even ones with a large and detailed patio space focused on a fireplace or pond.

Whatever completes your image of your dream home, now is a time to pursue it.

Start Your Project

After considering all of these details, there’s still one last question you need to ask yourself: Do I have all of the resources necessary in order to complete my landscaping project?

As we can all agree, planning improvements to your yard is the easy part. The difficulty comes from the work that comes afterward – if any work occurs at all.

Often, the lack of improvements made to our yard comes through no fault of our own. After all, it’s a task we all know we need to handle, but it’s unfortunately not the only one we need to handle. Between work, maintaining other aspects of our home, and an endless list of other responsibilities, landscaping is simply a project we can’t accomplish without taking resources – notably hours and energy – away from responsibilities. And, of course, you can’t overlook the possibility of an unforeseen challenge or a potentially costly and dangerous mistake.

Clean Cut Tree & Landscaping can create your dream landscape for you. Our tree and lawn experts have helped hundreds of Greater Cincinnati homeowners achieve the results they want while saving money, labor, and stress. Contact for a free estimate on the design and build of your project. Call (513) 769-8733 or e-mail us. Thank you for reading and we can’t wait to create your dream yard!

Backyard Patio in Spring


Why You Shouldn't Stop Landscaping in the Fall

by Administrator12. October 2016 16:45

Fall is here, but that doesn’t mean your landscaping needs to stop now.  Fall is the best time of year to enjoy backyards with the beautiful trees, patios, bonfires, etc...  Make sure your landscaping is exactly how you want it so you can enjoy it throughout the season.

Autumn and Winter Lawn Treatments

Keeping up on your landscaping through the fall can also ensure you that your yard will be prepared for the winter, and spring afterwards.  We can winterize your yard for you with lawn treatments to make sure then when spring comes around it is prepped and ready for fresh landscaping ideas!

Tree Maintenance

Along with keeping up on your landscaping, it is important to always be taking care of your trees.  It is extremely important to make sure you have your trees inspected and treated before winter to ensure that they are strong enough to withstand the cold and snow.  When it snows, it can pile up on branches and if those branches aren’t strong enough to hold the weight of the snow, they will eventually break and potentially cause damage to your home and the rest of your yard.

Where Clean Cut Tree & Landscaping Comes In

At Clean Cut Trees we will come out, inspect your trees, landscape and treat or remove any trees that may have problems.  Our tree services not only take care of your trees so they have long healthy lives, but they prevent problems that could potentially cause major damage to you or your home.

Be sure to take care of your yard, all aspects of it, so that you can enjoy it all year-round! 

Tree Bark


Tree Removal Service

by Administrator30. March 2016 11:30

Winter weather can cause major damages to your trees, which is why it’s very important to always watch for signs of damage.  Here at Clean Cut we ideally look to save trees by maintaining them and keeping an eye out for warning signs.  Trees are beautiful accents to each and every home, and they’re great for the environment too!  Knocking trees down are the last resort for us, we will do anything we can to prevent removing trees. But in the case that the trees become dangerous we provide top of the line tree removal services!

Our certified arborists are trained to identify rot and decay in trees, along with their risk of danger based on size and proximity to structures.  Termites, emerald ash borers, fungus, mold, and more can cause a tree to lose its foundation and strength.  When trees are completely rotted and infested we make sure to take of it as soon as possible to avoid further damage such as falling on the house or cars. We’ve had unfortunate instances where trees have fallen on homes and crushed through several floors. In situations where the tree is near a building, or home, it pays for itself to remove it. 

Did you keep watch this winter for snow piling up on branches?  If too much snow builds up on a single branch that can cause parts of the tree to start breaking.  Even if branches didn’t break, the tree could have endured so much that it is weakened.  Now that spring has arrived, if you feel like some of your trees couldn’t handle the winter and are now showing signs, give us a call!  The last thing we want is for the tree to fall on your home or car on a windy day, or for it to be an eye sore in your yard!

Each situation is different, and based on the circumstances we will determine the safest, most effective way to remove a tree from your home.  On most jobs we take advantage of our skilled climbers and the relative equipment.  At times larger trees trucks and even cranes can be required. We have all the equipment we could ever need and are prepared for any type of situation.

Regardless of the size of the job, you can be sure that we can handle it in a professional and courteous manner.  Find out more about our tree removal service, and contact us for a free estimate on our website. We look forward to working with you!

Tree in Fog


Yard and Tree Prep for Fall and Winter

by Administrator25. November 2015 14:17

With fall and winter approaching it is important to make sure that you prepare your yard and the trees in it for the upcoming weather conditions it will endure. Something very important and often overlooked is checking on the health status of your trees. If trees are are dead or plagued with mold and other issues, it is important to have them checked out by a professional to ensure that they are stable enough to the last through the winter. If they aren’t we recommend removing them safely so that your home is not at risk.

Tree pruning is a process that can prevent harmful destruction to a tree, and the structures surrounding it. Regular pruning or trimming helps trees to stay strong and healthy.  Throughout the process our experienced arborists will inspect the trees and make sure that they are not showing any warning signs that could become a bigger problem in the future.   If our team thinks that a specific tree could be dangerous we will make a suggestion as to what would be best for the tree to nurse it back to full health, or advise clients to remove the tree.

Along with our tree removal services we provide strump grinding services that allow clients to replant grass, trees or shrubbery in place so you would never even know that was a dead stump there before.  In preparation for the winter we can also give your lawn a late fall and early winter high nitrogen feed treatment.  Last but not least, we even do some snow plowing.  Between landscaping, snow plowing, tree removal and trimming, Clean Cut Trees can truly be your year round yard maintenance company.

Regardless of the services you need, we’re eager to help!  We’re easy to contact, give free straightforward estimates, and can keep your home as safe and beautiful as possible.



Pruning-Large Trees and Fruit Trees

by Administrator12. August 2015 14:54

Tree pruning is a great way to keep your trees looking alive and beautiful. Keeping up on the care of your trees makes them live longer, it reduces pests, mold and it keeps it safe from falling limbs.  Large trees, apple, peach, cherry, you name it!  We can most likely prune it.  If you’re not sure about a particular tree, we’re happy to let you know if we can help.

Large tree pruning is a technique our arborists use to trim and clean up trees to ensure a longer life and healthier living conditions. Keeping the trees trimmed rids them of pests and mold by getting rid of dead parts of the trees, it leaves less room for bacteria to grow and it doesn’t allow pests to nest and live inside your trees.

By trimming the limbs and keeping your trees clean it allows oxygen to get into the tree, resulting in a healthy tree whose beauty will be in your yard there for years to come.  Not to mention, it will freshen up the air around your home!

Our trained and experienced arborists will come to your location to examine the trees. With our experience we will be able to diagnose the overall well-being of the tree, and do what’s necessary to ensure it can thrive. If needed, we also provide tree removal services for trees that have already died off and can be a threat to your home or building.  This is especially true in the summer when storms have the capability of knocking a tree over.

Do you have a tree in mind that may need to be pruned or trimmed?  Contact Paul at Clean Cut Tree and Landscaping for a free estimate, and know that you will get competitive pricing and highly trained professionals working with your trees.  We look forward to hearing from you!



Tree Stump Removal

by Administrator10. August 2015 14:49

It’s August already?!  Summer is in full effect.  It’s hot, humid, and that combination frequently brings thunderstorms to the greater Cincinnati area.  Sometimes a storm every once in a while is calming, but big storms cause more harm than peace.  This is especially true right in our backyards.

Storms do more damage than we realize.  The river floods and causes problems in lower levels of homes; hail can damage our cars and other property outdoors.  Sadly, we can’t help with those two issues, but we definitely can help to repair any landscaping that may have been damaged during the storm, and remove dead trees and their stumps if they’ve been knocked over.

Stump Removal, Grinding, and tree removal is something we do frequently, especially after storms.  We remove the stump from the ground, grind it into thousands of pieces, and then haul it off for you.  The best part about Clean cut is that we are one of very few companies that do landscaping as well as tree service.  If you’d like to plant something in place of the old tree, we can be of assistance.

It's also important to note that just because a tree limb is broken or damaged, that doesn't mean the tree will die.  Seeking professional help could possibly save your tree, and at worst be certain that the tree will not survive, prompting removal.  The Arbor Day Foundation has some great notes about this on their storm recovery page.

Tree health is something to take into consideration with the trees in your yard.  Regardless of the health of a tree, if a storm is strong enough the tree may fall.  However, if you want your trees to stay as strong and healthy as possible, Clean Cut Tree & Landscaping is someone you should call.  Our certified arborists have great knowledge when it comes to trees, and can be truly helpful to their health.

We hope that a storm doesn’t affect the set up of your landscaping efforts, or knock over any trees.  In the case that they do, fill out our form or give us a call for a free estimate on any of our services.  We look forward to solving a problem or improve the curb appeal of your home as soon as possible!

tree stump


Clean Cut-Not Your Average Tree Removal Specialist!

by Administrator29. May 2015 14:52

At Clean Cut Tree and Landscaping we have been busy! It’s that wonderful time of year where everything is green again, the weather is warm, and people want to be outside.  It’s our job to make sure that when everyone is outside walking past your home, that it looks its best.  This extends from just landscaping, to tree removal.

Part of what we do is maintaining trees, trimming and pruning their limbs and branches to make sure they stay healthy.  Sadly, sometimes people request our services too late, or trees just can’t withstand the winters.  Those dead trees stick out in your yard like a sore thumb!  In these cases we can remove them, and we can also remove the stump.

With tree removal there is only one way to do it, the proper way.  The proper way is safe, efficient, and is performed by specialists.

Clean Cut isn’t a group of contractors that just claims to be specialists, we’re certified arborists (ISA).  Our team is equipped with the knowledge to recognize many warning signs, or indicators that a tree should be removed.  This can range from rotting, mold, emerald ash borer’s, and much more.

Certified Arborist

Sometimes there may not be a problem with the tree, it may just be growing so well that it is a hazard, or interfering with a power line.  Anyone can notice this, and it’s in your best interest to consider removing or trimming these trees.

The cost of our services can vary based on the situation, but removing a tree for aesthetic or safety purposes pays for itself!  We’d be happy to give you a quote with a little more knowledge of your situation.  Fill out our form or call us with the contact information listed here.

If you need anything involving your trees, you know who to call!


Local Landscaping and Lawn Mowing

by Administrator29. April 2015 11:13

Now that spring is finally here it’s time to get your yard looking brand new and help it recover from the harsh winter it has endured. Clean Cut Trees is known for its tree removal and trimming services, but technically we are Clean Cut Tree & Landscaping!  We offer an array of services to make your lawn stand in the neighborhood.

One service that many people like are our lawn mowing services.  As the weather warms up and the grass grows more quickly, we typically recommend setting up weekly visits from our crews to keep up on your lawn.  If you’d rather decide when we come for yourself, we do offer flexible schedules as well. We generally cut grass at an ideal 3” length with 90 degree trimming along walkways and driveways. We cut the grass in the direction that will make it look the best.

In addition to our lawn mowing services we also offer 5 lawn treatments that essentially prepare your yard for warm weather, keep it free of weeds, and then prepare it for winter.  If you’d like to learn about these treatments more completely, we recently posted a blog on it, and have a page dedicated to this service.

Along with keeping your grass green and beautiful with consistent maintenance and treatments, our other landscaping services can truly make a difference in your yards look too. We maintain flower beds, trim back perennials and ornamental grasses; we can mulch, and even give your yard a makeover in general.

What we’re trying to say is that if you want your yard to be beautiful in our warmer months and don’t want to work with several companies, you know who to call! Please get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more, or schedule an appointment.


Spring Yard Maintenance

by Administrator10. March 2015 10:39

Spring is upon us!  If you’re a proud homeowner, there is nothing more rewarding than having a beautiful, healthy landscape to enhance your home.  As spring comes into full effect, trees will grow their leaves back, flowers will bloom, and the grass will become a deep green.  Some people enjoy working on their own yard, some do but don’t have the time, and others just don’t!  No matter the type of person you are, we can help you in some way.

For those who enjoy working on their own yard, we applaud you, and hope that you know your effort does not go unnoticed.  For your safety, we insist that work on trees is left to us.  Many people find that some trees just can't survive the winter, or the winter has left a tree broken and in need of some pruning.  Our arborists are professionals in the tree department, and can make trees look their best through pruning and trimming.  If they are dead, we can safely remove them in a process that becomes more dangerous with the size of the tree.

If you don’t have the time to maintain your yard or don’t like yard work, we can help a little, or a lot!  A perfect example is the speed at which your grass grows.  In spring, and summer especially, its common to find yourself walking outside to a thick area of grass and you think, “didn’t I just cut the grass?”  It truly is hard to keep up with.  We offer lawn mowing programs for that.  If you just don’t want to deal with all the effort that goes into yard work, leave it to us! Between landscaping installation, and our maintenance programs, your yard will be the best looking one on the block

If you have considered tree or landscaping services for spring, the sooner you act, the better! Take a look at our website to learn more about our service.  If you have any other questions, we’d be happy to discuss your yard on the phone, or through our contact form (email.)


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