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Pink and White Spring Trees - Clean Cut Trees

5 Trees to Look for This Spring in Ohio

Very few things are as calming and peaceful as the blooming spring trees and flowers. The aroma put off by some of our most native trees always creates a childhood nostalgia and fuzzy feeling inside; the cardinals, blue jays, and robins are back north and making their presence known;...

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Spring Yard Cleanup Checklist

Spring can be unpredictable but there’s always one thing that you can anticipate – spring cleaning, of course! And while you probably have plans to replace your air filters or deep clean your carpets, what do you plan to do for your yard? After all, unlike traditional spring cleaning...

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Landscaping for Spring: What You Need to Know

Ah, spring is in the air. Leaves are growing and flowers are blossoming. At Clean Cut Tree & Landscaping, we’re used to several inches of snow burying local lawns this time of year. Of course, as any homeowner in Anderson Township will tell you, that’s simply not the case...

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Why You Shouldn’t Stop Landscaping in the Fall

Fall is here, but that doesn’t mean your landscaping needs to stop now.  Fall is the best time of year to enjoy backyards with the beautiful trees, patios, bonfires, etc…  Make sure your landscaping is exactly how you want it so you can enjoy it throughout the season. Autumn...

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Large, orange lawn mower cutting grass in front of a crowded church

Local Landscaping and Lawn Mowing

Now that spring is finally here it’s time to get your yard looking brand new and help it recover from the harsh winter it has endured. Clean Cut Trees is known for its tree removal and trimming services, but technically we are Clean Cut Tree & Landscaping!  We offer...

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Sideways picture of dandelions in spring

Spring Yard Maintenance

Spring is upon us!  If you’re a proud homeowner, there is nothing more rewarding than having a beautiful, healthy landscape to enhance your home.  As spring comes into full effect, trees will grow their leaves back, flowers will bloom, and the grass will become a deep green.  Some people...

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Horizontal, close-up shot of grass

Lawn Fertilizer & Treatments

Aside from a few frigid days, and a heavy snow or two, the peak of winter still hasn’t hit us too hard yet (thankfully), but we are past our Pre-Winter lawn treatment period.  What does this mean for us as a tree and landscaping company? It puts our seasonal...

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Things You Might Not Know About Clean Cut Tree

We’ve compiled a list of things you might not know about our company, Clean Cut Tree. This includes services you might not know we provide, and fun facts about tree removal that you might be interested in. Keep reading! Have Paul Staggs (Clean Cut owner and Certified Arborist for...

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