Tree Service and Landscaping - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: With the significant expenses involved in tree removal and tree services, can I remove a tree from my property myself or should I contact a tree removal service?

A: Removing a tree yourself is not recommended. This is one of the most dangerous occupations on land. Taking down or felling a tree should not be taken lightly. Every aspect of any tree services is dangerous: Chainsaws, heights, dead unpredictable limbs, chippers, etc. Tree removal equipment costs thousands of dollars - but that isn't all. Removing a tree can be extremely dangerous to attempt without the proper expertise and training. If the tree isn't cut down properly, you could injure yourself or someone else, ruin power lines and cause electricity complications, or the tree could fall onto your house or another structure (garage, shed, etc.) - and these are only a few examples. We have seen it hundreds of times where customers call Clean Cut Tree Service after cutting a tree and something bad happens, including gutter, house or fence damage, or injury. Often, these mishaps cost over 10 times more than having Clean Cut Tree Service remove the tree.

Q: What is stump grinding?

A: Stump grinding is the process of grinding a tree stump into tiny wood chips. We also offer to clean up afterward. If you'd like, we can plant a new tree in its place.

Q: What kind of lawn maintenance services do you offer?

A: We offer general landscaping maintenance, tree pruning, lawn mowing, and lawn treatment services. Our services cover the cleaning out of weeds, brush, and debris (branches, maintenance trimming, etc.), weed and feed treatments / fertilizers, and mulch installation and replacement. We can schedule one-time or regularly scheduled lawn mowing or set up ongoing landscape maintenance.

Q: Are your services insured in case something happened?

A: We are fully licensed and insured with a $2,000,000 liability insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance. You can download our insurance forms here.

Q: Can you install landscape designs, too?

A: Of course! We can give your entire yard a makeover - or just a portion of it. We do both residential and commercial projects, updates to existing landscapes or new home designs, and more. We can plant trees, shrubs, perennials and seasonal flowers. We offer a guarantee on all plants, as well as a one-year maintenance care package after the job's done.

Q: How do I know I'm going to like the landscape design?

A: We do a full, collaborative consultation before we implement any landscape design. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that you will be happy with the final product.

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