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Lawn Mowing/Grass Cutting Details

At Clean Cut Tree & Landscape we suggest a weekly mowing service to keep the turf healthy and looking its best. We will do our best to keep the same crew and the same day of the week to allow you to make any outdoor plans.

  • Prior to mowing, the site will be walked in order to pick up debris and note wet areas.
  • Lawn will be cut at the recommended height of 3" for our Ohio turf grass varieties.
  • Mowing patterns will vary with each cut to prevent wheel ruts and allow grass to stand straight.
  • All mower blades will be kept sharp to minimize ripping the grass and to prevent turf stress.
  • Included services: String trimming, 90-degree edging of all walks and drives, and finally all grass clippings will be blown off of any non-turf areas.

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