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Colorful trees around a river

Coniferous vs. Deciduous Trees Explained

We have all heard the terms deciduous and coniferous, but what do these actually mean? This is the topic being discussed in today’s blog and you should feel confident about knowing some of the key differences between these tree types by the end of this article. Like most things...

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Pink and White Spring Trees - Clean Cut Trees

5 Trees to Look for This Spring in Ohio

Very few things are as calming and peaceful as the blooming spring trees and flowers. The aroma put off by some of our most native trees always creates a childhood nostalgia and fuzzy feeling inside; the cardinals, blue jays, and robins are back north and making their presence known;...

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Ivy on Tree

Should Ivy be Removed from Trees?

While ivy can be a truly beautiful touch of greenery in your lawn or garden many people don’t know the issues that can arise if it starts to get out of control. Ivy, if in moderation, can be perfectly ok for the overall health of your trees. But if...

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