An orange stump grinder with "slashbuster" printed on it grinding a stump

Stump Grinding Service

Three Reasons You May Need a Professional Stump Grinding Service

Many people may think that cutting down an unwanted tree from their property is all they need to do to remove it. This is frequently not the case. After cutting down the tree, a stump will be left behind, no matter how close you cut the tree to the ground. Here are three reasons to contact Clean Cut Tree and Landscape for thorough stump grinding.

Improve Your Property’s Value

After a tree is cut down, it will be impossible for grass or other greenery to grow over the stump if it’s left behind, resulting in an undesirable feature on your property. Also, the tree’s roots may continue to live indefinitely after the tree is cut down, and it can send up numerous shoots that will attempt to take over your yard. Having the stump thoroughly removed through a stump grinding service is the best way to smooth over your yard and give you the opportunity to plant grass or other foliage, put in a deck, or do anything else you’d like to make your yard beautiful.

Fix a Dangerous Situation

Some trees grow so large that they threaten the integrity of a nearby building or the network of pipes underneath the ground. This can result in a situation that’s dangerous for your family if the tree falls, or costly if the roots happen to burst the pipes. Proper stump grinding can prevent further damage after the tree is removed.

Get Rid of Diseased Trees

In some cases, a damaged or sick tree can’t be saved, despite the measures you’ve taken to save it. After a professional tree care service removes the tree, the stump will need to be removed in order to prevent some common tree maladies from spreading. After this is done, your tree care experts can help you choose and plant healthy trees to beautify your yard.

When it comes to the value and safety of your property, turn to Clean Cut Tree for quality, professional tree care and stump grinding services. Contact us at (513) 769-8733 for a consultation.

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