Yard and Tree Prep for Fall and Winter

Yard and Tree Prep for Fall and Winter

With fall and winter approaching it is important to make sure that you prepare your yard and the trees in it for the upcoming weather conditions it will endure. Something very important and often overlooked is checking on the health status of your trees. If trees are dead or plagued with mold and other issues, it is important to have them checked out by a professional to ensure that they are stable enough to last through the winter. If they aren’t we recommend removing them safely so that your home is not at risk.

Tree pruning is a process that can prevent harmful destruction to a tree and the structures surrounding it. Regular pruning or trimming helps trees stay strong and healthy.  Throughout the process our certified arborists will inspect the trees and make sure that they are not showing any warning signs that could become a bigger problem in the future.   If our team thinks that a specific tree could be dangerous we will make a suggestion as to what would be best for the tree to nurse it back to full health, or advise clients to remove the tree.

Along with our tree removal services we provide strump grinding services that allow our clients to replant grass, trees or shrubbery in place of the old stump. You’ll never know there was even a stump there to begin with!  In preparation for the winter, we can also give your lawn a late fall and early winter high nitrogen feed treatment.  Last but not least, we even do some snow plowing.  Between landscaping, snow plowing, tree removal and trimming, Clean Cut Trees can truly be your year round yard maintenance company.

Regardless of the services you need, we’re eager to help!  Contact Us for a free estimate to keep your home as safe and beautiful as possible.

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