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When a dangerous tree has fallen and harmed someone or something, the need for tree removal is fully realized. It is the task of our arborists and certified arborists on staff to recognize and inform our customers of the hazards, dangers and relevant factors. This will help you make a well-informed decision on when and how a tree should be removed.

Unfortunately, we have seen all too often where property owners have waited too long to make the difficult decision to remove a tree. We have walked into basements with our chainsaws to remove trees that have crushed through the three floors above. We have removed trees and broken tree limbs that have fallen into homeowners’ bedrooms in the middle of the night.

Our certified arborists are trained to handle all aspects of tree removal. From start to finish, Clean Cut Tree and Landscape will treat you respectfully and professionally.

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Signs You Need to Remove a Tree

Being able to identify whether a tree is dead or not is an important skill to have as a homeowner. Knowing when its time to have a tree removed could potentially save you a great deal of trouble down the road. Here is a short list of signs a tree might be dead:

    • Fungus growth
    • Tree trunk damage
    • Bare branches
    • Damaged Roots
    • Performing a scratch or break test

Dead trees are problematic for a number of reasons but some main issues include dead trees falling on personal property, insects and diseases spreading to other trees, and unwanted pests calling your dead tree their new home. Learn more about the signs and risks of dead trees here.

Our Tree Removal Process

You will be presented with the best options on how to remove the tree. We have some of the best climbers in the region that will skillfully execute a plan for safe removal. Most of the time we utilize climbers with ropes, saddle and safety gear. Other times we use bucket trucks, cranes and other equipment. Be very careful of companies that claim they absolutely need to drive large bucket trucks onto your yard. In most cases, there are other alternatives. If a tree service does not have good climbers, then they rely solely on large trucks and equipment that may not be a good choice for the rest of your lawn, trees and landscape.

Trees have great sentimental, environmental and aesthetic value. It is our goal to treat and save trees whenever possible. However, when Clean Cut gives an estimate, we will point out the visible, reasonable dangers and offer you the best ways to solve the problem.