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Clean Cut Tree and Landscape recommends 5 seasonal lawn treatments to maintain a full and healthy lawn.

  • Early-Spring Crabgrass treatment (March-April)
  • Mid-Spring Broadleaf Weed treatment (May)
  • Late-Spring Broadleaf Weed treatment (June)
  • Late-Fall High Nitrogen feed treatment (September-October)
  • Early-Winter High Nitrogen feed treatment (November)

Spring Crabgrass Treatment

Spring crabgrass treatment often requires the use of pre-emergent (PRE) herbicides, which control germinating plant seedlings. Using such herbicides works best when combined with healthy lawn fertilization, deep watering and regular mowing habits. Healthy grass still provides the best defense against crabgrass growth.

Mid-Spring / Late-Spring Broadleaf Weed Treatment

Broadleaf weeds (the most common being dandelions) can be managed with several preventative measures. As with crabgrass, both regular mowing and deep watering help maintain healthy grass which protects against broadleaf weeds. Lawn treatment chemicals such as dithopyr and pendimethalin (be sure to read the labels on any lawn fertilizer or lawn treatment products you choose) help prevent seeds from germinating — just like PRE herbicides. Just remember that when applying lawn treatment chemicals, don't apply any new grass seed as both dithopyr and pendimethalin will prevent grass seed from germinating. This is why we recommend mid-spring and late-spring applications.

Late-Fall / Early-Winter Broadleaf Weed Treatment

Lawn fertilizers provide help when it comes to eradicating broadleaf weeds. Nitrogen is a great lawn fertilizer and research has shown that applying two to four pounds per 1,000 square feet each year is ideal. Generally, it's best practice to use the lawn fertilizer in two separate applications. We recommend one in September and then one after your final mowing.

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