The Importance of Tree Pruning

The Importance of Tree Pruning

When pruning is done correctly it can enhance and beautify the trees in your yard. But that’s not the only reason someone would want to prune the trees on their property—pruning can also ensure maximum growth and can prevent dead branches from breaking off and falling on someone or something. On the other side of the coin, improper pruning can shorten a tree’s life expectancy by cutting off the branches that weren’t meant to be cut.

Besides removing the dead branches, trees should also be pruned to increase sunlight and air penetration to the tree’s crown or into the ground around the tree.

When you’re tree pruning, keep these golden rules in mind:

  • Call a professional arborist if you’re not 100% sure how it’s done
  • Do not prune branches that are alive and growing unless needed
  • “Thinning” doesn’t necessarily improve growth

Let’s expand upon that last thought: thinning a tree doesn’t necessarily improve its growth. That’s because trees store sugar and minerals in their branches for future growth and use that energy for development. The removal of these leaves and branches could cut off its energy reserves and create stress for them – and can even lead to the death of the tree via heavy pruning.

We can help you keep your trees properly pruned and maintained – call us with any and all of your questions at (513) 769-8733. Clean Cut Trees is made up of several teams of certified arborists and landscape specialists – and we can perform either one-time jobs or routine upkeep jobs – just let us know!

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