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Things You Might Not Know About Clean Cut Tree

Things You Might Not Know About Clean Cut Tree

We’ve compiled a list of things you might not know about our company, Clean Cut Tree. This includes services you might not know we provide, and fun facts about tree removal that you might be interested in. Keep reading!

  • Have Paul Staggs (Clean Cut owner and Certified Arborist for over 12 years, Certification number OH-1341A) look at your problematic trees and receive a free estimate with experienced, expert, professional advice.
  • We provide an array of landscaping and maintenance services to both residential and commercial customers. From planting new trees and shrubs to updating existing landscapes, we can do it all!
  • We can prune your trees and grind stumps down. After stump grinding and removal, we can plant new grass or a new tree.
  • We offer special discounts as well as competitive pricing. If you hire us on for a large project or multiple projects, you could qualify for a 5% to 10% discount. Just as us what you qualify for.
  • We always clean up your yard after taking down trees, grinding stumps, or doing any other work on your property.
  • We can prune your trees. Tree pruning is actually a more complicated process than you’d think—hiring an expert is recommended so nobody kills your trees off by accident.
  • We have a 2-year guarantee on all plants with a first year care and maintenance package.
  • Clean Cut Tree has a team of certified arborists. Almost anyone can call themselves an arborist. But only a well-studied few with continuing education can call themselves a certified arborist.

The Emerald ash borer is destroying ash trees at a rapid pace in the tri-state. Call clean cut right away to see if your trees can be saved!

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