Reasons You Shouldn’t Cut a Tree Down Yourself

Worm's eye view of a tall tree

Reasons You Shouldn’t Cut a Tree Down Yourself

Cutting down a tree (a.k.a. felling a tree) is something better left to a professional tree removal service.  We can’t stress this enough – this isn’t something that should be treated lightly. A professional in the tree cutting business knows what direction it needs to fall, has all of the right equipment to cut it down correctly, and most importantly of all, has been trained in how to keep it from hurting anyone (or anything) in the process. There are so many worst-case scenarios out there, but there’s only one way to avoid them: to hire a professional tree-cutting service with experience; one that knows the proper way to fell a tree.

Some reasons you’d want to keep the task to the professionals:

  • The tree could fall on you or a loved one, which could result in a serious injury or death.
  • The tree could fall on a house or structure. It could fall on a neighbor’s house, garage, car, etc.
  • All of the proper tree cutting equipment is on the expensive side, and would most likely cost you more than hiring a professional. This can include a chainsaw, protective gear, ladder, ropes, axe, wedges, etc.
  • Stump grinding requires special equipment (a stump grinder) and a special set of expertise to carry the task out. Flying debris can be problematic for an amateur as well, and can be dangerous if not treated correctly.
  • Hauling the tree and debris off will require a truck, and the clean-up can be difficult.

We are a local Cincinnati tree removal service. Let us know if you need any help cutting down the tree in your yard: (513) 769-8733.

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