Why You Shouldn’t Stop Landscaping in the Fall

Why You Shouldn’t Stop Landscaping in the Fall

Fall is here, but that doesn’t mean your landscaping needs to stop now.  Fall is the best time of year to enjoy backyards with the beautiful trees, patios, bonfires, etc…  Make sure your landscaping is exactly how you want it so you can enjoy it throughout the season.

Autumn and Winter Lawn Treatments

Keeping up on your landscaping through the fall can also ensure you that your yard will be prepared for the winter, and spring afterwards.  We can winterize your yard for you with lawn treatments to make sure then when spring comes around it is prepped and ready for fresh landscaping ideas!

Tree Maintenance

Along with keeping up on your landscaping, it is important to always be taking care of your trees.  It is extremely important to make sure you have your trees inspected and treated before winter to ensure that they are strong enough to withstand the cold and snow.  When it snows, it can pile up on branches and if those branches aren’t strong enough to hold the weight of the snow, they will eventually break and potentially cause damage to your home and the rest of your yard.

Where Clean Cut Tree & Landscaping Comes In

At Clean Cut Trees we will come out, inspect your trees, landscape and treat or remove any trees that may have problems.  Our tree services not only take care of your trees so they have long healthy lives, but they prevent problems that could potentially cause major damage to you or your home.

Be sure to take care of your yard, all aspects of it, so that you can enjoy it all year-round!

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