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Tree Removal Service

Winter weather can cause major damages to your trees, which is why it’s very important to always watch for signs of damage.  Here at Clean Cut we ideally look to save trees by maintaining them and keeping an eye out for warning signs.  Trees are beautiful accents to each and every...

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Pruning: Large Trees and Fruit Trees

Tree pruning is a great way to keep your trees looking alive and beautiful. Keeping up on the care of your trees makes them live longer, it reduces pests, mold and it keeps it safe from falling limbs.  Large trees, apple, peach, cherry, you name it!  We can most...

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Tree Stump Removal

It’s August already?!  Summer is in full effect.  It’s hot, humid, and that combination frequently brings thunderstorms to the greater Cincinnati area.  Sometimes a storm every once in a while is calming, but big storms cause more harm than peace.  This is especially true right in our backyards. Storms...

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Clean Cut: Not Your Average Tree Removal Specialist

At Clean Cut Tree and Landscaping we have been busy! It’s that wonderful time of year where everything is green again, the weather is warm, and people want to be outside.  It’s our job to make sure that when everyone is outside walking past your home, that it looks...

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Large, orange lawn mower cutting grass in front of a crowded church

Local Landscaping and Lawn Mowing

Now that spring is finally here it’s time to get your yard looking brand new and help it recover from the harsh winter it has endured. Clean Cut Trees is known for its tree removal and trimming services, but technically we are Clean Cut Tree & Landscaping!  We offer...

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Sideways picture of dandelions in spring

Spring Yard Maintenance

Spring is upon us!  If you’re a proud homeowner, there is nothing more rewarding than having a beautiful, healthy landscape to enhance your home.  As spring comes into full effect, trees will grow their leaves back, flowers will bloom, and the grass will become a deep green.  Some people...

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Horizontal, close-up shot of grass

Lawn Fertilizer & Treatments

Aside from a few frigid days, and a heavy snow or two, the peak of winter still hasn’t hit us too hard yet (thankfully), but we are past our Pre-Winter lawn treatment period.  What does this mean for us as a tree and landscaping company? It puts our seasonal...

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An orange stump grinder with "slashbuster" printed on it grinding a stump

Stump Grinding Service

Three Reasons You May Need a Professional Stump Grinding Service Many people may think that cutting down an unwanted tree from their property is all they need to do to remove it. This is frequently not the case. After cutting down the tree, a stump will be left behind,...

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Close-up of an emerald ash borer

Ash Tree Removal

What You Need to Know About the Emerald Ash Borer Relating to Ash Trees Incidences of emerald ash borer relating to ash trees in North America are on the rise. This non-native exotic beetle is native to Asia, and is believed to have been unknowingly carried to North America...

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Bare tree branches against a sky-blue background

Tree Service -Trimming

Tree Trimming Preserves Healthy, Beautiful Trees Tree service and trimming helps keep trees healthy and promote robust new growth. Dead and diseased branches are eyesores that detract from the tree’s natural beauty and diminish the overall appearance of a property. These branches can become dislodged in a storm and...

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